Moving Fromward and Forward as a Grandparent (at the Same Time)

When grandparenting, you unfold (and enfold) new experiences with your grandkids. Along the way, it’s helpful, useful, and eventful to gain tips and techniques to encourage, enhance, and extend those experiences.

Here are five ideas that you can use individually and in combination.

They are framed by the use of the words “fromward” and “forward”
That is, to move fromward, to move forward

Fromward as in intending the future in today’s practices of attention.
The awareness of balancing intention and attention like the wave it is

Forward as in attending to the present practices to realize the intention from the future.
The awareness of balancing attention and intention like the particles they are

And so, you have feed-fromward and feed-forward, with an occasional foray into feedback to pull the best practices out of the history.

In support of this fromward and forward consideration, here are 5 action_outcomes for your review. Each stands alone. However, they are useful in combination as presented.

1)) Start off on the correct path
That is, already have the interest to make it so
Start with the already to avoid the chasm between “already” and “start”

More so, it’s the second step when and where you are committed to the path!

2)) Anticipate the rabbit holes, bottlenecks, and bottlenecks
and, how they slow your movement
Consider “rabbit holes” like “squirrels”, like “shining objects” distract
Bottlenecks are where the systems and processes impede the flow
Battlenecks are when persons are squeezed together and conflict arises

Requires you to develop & use a preparation approach & prevention mindset!

3)) Clarify from consistency for the simplicity, accuracy, and generality of the movement in light of #2
a)) contribute from confidence
b)) communicate from commitment
c)) collaborate from community
d)) co-create from capacity

Ensure you define the terms & concepts for the movement in the words of those involved so their heart is engaged!

4)) Dialogue about the Whole of IT — through continuous learning and improvement
Listen to IT from others. Listen to IT for yourself.

Blend all together in the sight of #2 and #3 while recognizing the ongoing courage of implementing #1.
“IT” refers to I Transition — with #4 you are in transition whether transactional, transformational, or transcendental.

Know now to Now know — it’s appreciation time — that is, appreciate where you are because you are already here!

5)) Celebrate and Weave the reflective course corrections and pivots you’ve made in the actions of 1 for 5 (the particles) because of the outcomes of 5 from 1 (the wave).

When the joy of reflection in and on meets the trinity of problem inquiry, appreciative inquiry, and humble enquiry, then you have a sense of what it means to be, be fully human, be natural, be planetary, and be solaris.

In Closing … these five ideas — like playing with dolls inside dolls — are one of the many tips, tools, and techniques available for your grandparenting. Just as each idea can guide your decision_action_outcomes. Enjoy!

As a final thought:

WELLth Movement’s intention is to guide, support, and celebrate Grandparents — Grandchildren’s — involvement with Nature (Trees).

In the weeks and months to follow, I/you/we can help grandparents who step forward to improve, focus and strengthen the co-creation of the Well-Living Community — a community platform of programs and projects, and processes and products grandparents (and grandchildren) can access to support “grandparenting in/with the natural world”.

If you can’t wait, then use our Website Contact Form to ask questions — share comments — sign up for updates about the WELL-Living Community for Grandparents.

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