Live Your Extraordinary Next Fifty

Moving into your Next Fifty. . .at whatever age you decide. . .there are “things” to consider that can guide a smoother transition. And who doesn’t appreciate living smoothly, especially when you manage a life-leadership project as service to and with others!

Of the 7 Next Fifty considerations outlined below, I had to work through them all. And, I made some interesting legacy decisions, which I add to the mix.

Another Person, Another Group

As you move forward into this unfolding experience of your Next Fifty, those who walked with you before may not walk with you now. Sometimes, you’ll walk lighter if they do not!

Thinking here of work colleagues. You may use “friends” to describe them. However, that was a useful term for the time. Now, they are your direct social group or indirect social group. Those you continue to know and share wholehearted time with can join your family and friends' sphere. Wonderful!

Sorting out who is with you awakens you to the connections you have. And then, this awareness lights the path to the new persons who can enter your life. The narrative of what was can shift with the stories of the new friends you include. Wanderful!

I’ve taken this one to heart because of my lifestyle. I’m a grey, digital, dog-walking nomad! And I’ve kept a few friends to share my thoughts and feelings. More so, I meet others to learn more about myself and their insights about the world and planet. An adventure through conversations!

Adventure Decisions

Your time, energy, and money are available to guide your adventures locally through globally. Now you have time to select what activities are on your To Be List.

I suggest you make the big moves sooner than later. This insight encourages you to prioritize your To Be List. And yet, welcome activities close to home that you can nurture for the years ahead. While you can take a walking trip in an exotic area, develop a walking approach that excites your involvement in the community in which you live.

As I walk around my neighborhood, there are times I can say, “I didn’t see that before.” The new sighting can be as simple as no leaves on the trees, which opens a new appreciation for what is in the area, like the rock face or the ruins of a cabin.

Area Selection

Where you live matters. What amenities are available to feed your soul, mind, and body? It’s important to know your needs, wants, and desires. Then match them up with where you live.

Your selection of “place (home?)” may align with your budget requirements. It may result from the beauty of the place. It may unfold because of family. The important point here (pun intended), your selection of area. Does it align with your head, heart, and hands?

I live in the cold of Canada. I’ve experienced the hot-hot of deserts as I’ve camped out at -30 degrees C with a sleeping bag on a snowbank. Now — — it’s about finding a place where I do not need a snow shovel. Nor do I have to wear layers of clothes. I’m looking for a place where there are forests and the temperature stays around 25-30 degrees C. I lived in such a place. It was glorious! However, it’s a tad unstable now which hinders a return.

Apartment As Home

I sold my home and gave everything I owned away. I have about 15 plastic bins in storage with my first teddy bear and knick-knacks. With me are another ~10 bins and a ceremonial walking stick. In the bins that travel with me are writing notes and stationery, clothes, food, and tax receipts.

I house sit — use short rental stays — serve as an internal security alarm system (I’ve learned to bark loudly) for persons selling their homes, and travel for work. My story is different. I get that fact.

For you — here is a question: Where I’m living, is it sustainable for my Next Fifty lifestyle?

As a thinking exercise: If you own a house, sell it, and use the savings to fund your adventures? This means you rent an apartment! Fewer maintenance considerations. You can rent-purchase later when a place you call home is underfoot!

Achievement Because of Wellness

It’s going to happen. Aging will creep up on you and/or slam you against the floor sooner than you want. This inevitable circumstance will guide your achievement decisions.

What is it you need to do? What hierarchical life value does your soul call out for you to achieve? Then you can look at wants and desires.

Leverage your wellness. Note leverage = lever something through the ages!

Wellth as in well-being and well-living to the nth degree describe and explain the fabric of my life. With my upcoming health fatigue and the need to shift my life achievements:

  • I’ve reviewed my hierarchy of values
  • I’ve rewritten my achievement To Be List
  • I’m having conversations with my soul
  • I’m listening to my intuitive connected guides
  • I take in what is unfolding in front of me according to the STEEP Factors of Change (Socio-Cultural, Technological, Environmental, Economical, and Technological) and live my life with clarity, wisdom, and caring

Activity Selection Conversation

I’ve hinted at this one throughout. To be crystal clear. When you’re asked, “What activities do you enjoy most?” Is your answer about things you get to do once or twice with time in between like going on a sea and surf vacation. When in fact, walks and picnics in your near woods is something you enjoy every weekend?

Celebrate — Appreciate — Enjoy what is available now. See the beauty in what is before you. With this subtle shift, you gain gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm, and certainty. With these feelings, you can live an extraordinary life that guides you to live from the legacy you intend to leave.

It is in the KISS activities that I find my greatest pleasure and learning. I can make this statement because:

a) I’ve lived here, there, and in many places where I’ve worked, played, and made mistakes (whoops, where I learned a lot!))smiles
- I’ve experienced machine guns almost touching the tip of my nose as I’ve almost drowned while on a canoe trip.
- I’ve witnessed the atrocities of persons against persons as I’ve seen the best of persons helping neighbors.
- I’ve enjoyed a glass of champagne on a Western Australia beach at sunset as I’ve seen the fun children have on a simple swing overlooking the Himalaya Mountains.

b) KISS means to keep it simple, simple, simple, simple because a lingering kiss is the best to receive. And I look forward to a lot of kissing!

Accountability Factor, Before, Now and Ahead

What you are accountable for will shift.

1)) Before, you were accountable for __?__

2)) Now, you are accountable for __?__

3)) Ahead, you are accountable for __?__

For 1 — bring the best of what you need, want, and desire forward. Your clarity — your wisdom in particular!

For 2 — decide with attention what you are accountable for as you live your extraordinary life. With forgiveness and humbleness!

For 3 — use the clarity and wisdom of #1 + the attention of forgiveness and humbleness of #2 as you multiply your love FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole as you live from the legacy you intend to leave!

Aperture Closing (Bonus A8)

I’m asking you to look in the nooks and crannies, in the gaps and crevices of your life through the lens of this article.

More so — explore and discover your approach pathway for your Next Fifty. In being-having-doing so, you honor your soul calling as you learn more about your personality. [For-Self Lens]

The stepping stones on this pathway, like the situational considerations in this article, are the gifts you can share with others so they can learn something from your lived experience. And there and here is your legacy! [With Others Lens]


Visit to access information about Legacy and Elder-Mentor.
Access the Legacy Intention Course to identify and name your intention words FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole.
Purchase a Legacy Workbook, Legacy Notebook, and/or Legacy Journal on — stephen hobbs with title of “book”




Guide professionals and paraprofessionals — 55+ years young — to live from the legacy they intend to share and leave. Grandparents welcomed! Educators Welcomed!

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Guide professionals and paraprofessionals — 55+ years young — to live from the legacy they intend to share and leave. Grandparents welcomed! Educators Welcomed!

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