Legacy Gift Evolving Meditations

To start! Yes-the word evolving is correct for this title! Involving is mentioned below to ensure it’s included.

I’ve written this article as a series of short paragraphs woven together to consider the four words of the title singularly and in combinations until you consider the four words together as a title.

Words In Use, Words That Matter

Legacy is about the useful whats (time, effort, money) you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience.

A gift is something you share with someone. The origin of the gift is from your heart. Whereas, a present is given from your head. The gift highlighted here is your lived experience you are ready, able, and willing to share in support of learning and educating.

Evolve (evolving) is an action verb (phenomenon) worth exploring and discovering as you live from the legacy you intend to share and leave as a gift.

To evolve — to unfold, grow, develop, emerge — is basic for and from being-having-doing. As you evolve you move back and forth along continuums like simple — complex, accurate — wayward, and general — specific. These continua originate with the writings of Karl Weick. I suggest to evolve uses “sensemaking” or making sense along the continua as it applies to legacy.

Sidebar: Take the first four letters of “evolve” and reverse them = love!
Take the middle two letters of “evolve” and reverse them (as lo), and add the last two letters (ve) = love!
Suggest the first love is the love of history.
The second love is the love of mystery.
In using LO you could say, “Lo and behold, to evolve is to love your history and love your mystery so you can remain in your gift — your lived experience.”

Meditation is about considered thoughts. Various tools and techniques are available to experience your considered thoughts as you meditate. Again, the phenomenon of meditating is available for a life well-lived.

As you frame and convey your legacy you are using considered thoughts to know your gift of the useful whats (time, effort, and money) you are willing to share and leave.

Legacy Meditations highlights the legacy approach [with inspired standards and wise practices] you use to understand the values, challenges, projects, stories, and contributions aligned with your legacy. The tools and techniques of meditation are helpful to ensure you use a Legacy Approach rather than legacy avoidance when extending your legacy.

Evolving Meditations has you focus on awareness, the dynamic balancing of intention and attention. I suggest intention is an expression of mystery and attention is an expression of history. The consider thoughts (and feelings) that arrive — with the use of various meditative tools and techniques — is conscious awareness. It’s this awareness that guides you to make it/It/IT happen or not.

Sidebar: “it” is the non-personal naming of something given “thingness”
It refers to the importance of something at the beginning of the sentence and during Its presentation.
IT moved beyond Information Technology. IT refers to “I Transition.” With the love of mystery and history in dynamic flow, your decision_action_outcomes encourage you to evolve.

Gift Evolving is awareness expressed through the considered approach you unfold as your legacy projects are gifted to others. As you evolve your legacy, you evolve your gifts and you evolve yourself, which often results in evolving connections and arrangements.

Legacy Gift in its big and small, wide and narrow presentation is meant for the time and place, the person and persons receiving it because it came from your heart.

Legacy Evolving encourages your commitment and demonstration of courage to dream, design, develop, deliver, determine, and delicate your legacy.

Gift Meditations are the tools and concepts you use to organize your thoughts and feelings to identify, script, convey, manage, and sustain your lived experience as the gift it becomes.

Gift Evolving Meditations has two meanings. First, the development of meditations (tool and techniques) you can use to evolve the gifts of the legacy you can share.

Second, they are word thoughts, that can spark, stimulate, and sand off the rough spots of knowing about the evolving legacy gifts you can unfold for those you touch so they can learn something from your lived experience. A sample follows:

Legacy is a gifted understanding of a life well-lived

Legacy is a gifted reminder to listen to the stories that can inform your decisions today

Legacy is a gifted path you walk in sight of all that makes feel, joy sing in your heart, and dance in your soul

Legacy is a gifted resonance of sound, a note well-voiced that brings attention to your presence

Legacy is a gifted minute in which you realize who you are meant to become from tomorrow today

Legacy is a gifted handshake that places the world before you while spending the currency of attention

Legacy is a gifted thank you from the companions who walk with you with an occasional woof as a reminder

Legacy is a gifted chair in which you navigate the world through the books you read and the videos you watch

Legacy is a gifted pen whose movement across the page spell out your truth of being fully human

Legacy is a gifted tree under which and with whom you appreciate the whispers of being natural

Legacy Gift Evolving is your movement along the continuum of being — being fully human — being natural — being planetary — being wholversical. Your participation along this continuum is about living your extraordinary life, co-creating the well-living workplace, and eco-creating a wellthy-wealthy, whole person— whole system approach to your profitability (see the following Sidebar)

Profitability and Movement Explained
Linked to grandparents and grandkids — Click Video (2021).
Linked to the workplace — Click Video (2019).
From the 2021 video:
Listing the 5 elements of profitability
1)) money — $
2)) ideas
3)) relationships
4)) community
5)) culture
Listing the 5 elements of movement
1)) physical
2)) fitness (what it leads to)
3)) programming — activities
4)) management/leadership
5)) society

Legacy Gift Evolving Meditations

As you read the statement back to front, what are your considered thoughts as you evolve and involve yourself in your gift of being FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole?

As you read the statement front to back, what are the useful whats (Time, Effort, and Money) you’ll make available as a gift so others can involve and evolve themselves in being FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole.

As mentioned earlier, I included involve ))smiles.

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Postscript… I placed “Legacy Gift Evolving Meditations” into a copywriting—emotional headline tester and this headline came back 75%. They say a good copywriter hits 20–30%. And so — look out world, I’m arriving. LOL!



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